Saturday, March 19, 2016

We Know FWP, but WHAT is SPP?

You know when you're complaining about traffic exiting the amusement park, or when you can't decide which of your many pairs of shoes to wear with a particular outfit?

How about when we sit at the coffee shop with a $7 mocha somethingorother and whine about the WiFi being SOOOO slow?

Have you ever caught yourself unhappy with the service at a ritzy restaurant or at the clubhouse?

Or what about disparaging your 5-year-old, perfectly fine truck and drooling over the latest model?

These, my friends, are FWP : First World Problems.

We know deep down and logically that there are so many people less fortunate than us when we bring up our dissatisfaction with the luxuries of this life we live. There are even people that we know who would trade spots with us in a heartbeat. Many who wish they had our soft, cushiony problems.

Your clothes washer is acting up again? Cry me a river, which is where many third-world folks do their laundry... in a river!

The fumes from your pedicure were really strong this morning? Poor thing! Many people are drinking filthy water every day, or none at all. And then dying.

Sorry, that's a little harsh.

But it's true.

Many of you who have known me for any length of time are aware that my weight has seen some highs and some lows. Um, not that many lows, truthfully.

If you have known me since high school, or even since birth, or since I lived in Wyoming at the turn of the century (wow, doesn't that make me sound elderly?), you have seen me chubby and you have seen me kinda normal and healthy. Many of you have even seen me obese.

Today, I submit to you that I am skinny. I weigh less now than I did when I got my first driver's  license.

Thus, SPP: Skinny People's Problems!

I read a neat article a few years ago that I could relate to very well, and I never thought I would. In fact I was surprised at how relevant it was. The woman who wrote it pointed out several new developments she'd noticed about her body and how it relates to her world, now that she had lost all her weight. She had some concerns, some issues that she hadn't really experienced while she was obese. She titled her post, "Things I Miss About Being Fat". (paraphrased)

I get it!

Things like not being strong, naturally. When you are daily hefting around the bulk of your own body, you are strong from doing it. Your body is able to lift other things, and move furniture and boxes and doghouses, and whatever else needs to be moved or lifted. Now? Not so much. I can't do anything anymore. Some of that is from the cancer, but a lot of it is from simply getting too skinny to do much.

My inability to find a comfy way to sleep is my most major challenge. Now that I've slimmed down my knee bones grind together in a way that my chubby self never experienced. Solution? Pillows! Lots of pillows!! It's a complicated ritual of finding the right pillow for the right application.

But the thing I find myself most upset with is my now-inability to simply lean my elbows on my knees, while I am cradling my head with my hands. Seated position, knees bent, leaning on my legs, my elbows slip off all the time! It is annoying and definitely a major SPP! :)

Description Paris 2010 - Le Penseur.jpg
If I was made of bronze, this probably wouldn't happen.
It's hard to sit normally anywhere these days because of  nerve pain in my back, so I tend to have to support my weight pretty much constantly with my arms or the walker, or by lying down.

When my elbows slip off my knees, it causes a jolt of pain that well, I just don't like. I then giggle at myself because my thinness, something I have bemoaned not having for many moons, have put countless dollars and years toward trying to achieve, is to blame for this predicament.

Definitely a SPP.

And Greg and I have an expression that we use in these situations....

"That's what you git!"

Here's a link to the story:

I may see if I can find a before and after so you get the idea. Got any problems that you laugh at yourself about? Something you worked hard to achieve and when you did, it got more complicated than you realized it would? Let me know in the comments. And let me know if you'd rather now have it published here. No worries.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Happy, Happy Birthday....

... to the girl who made me a mom! As you can see, little sister is never far away, but big sister is twelve today! And she's about 4 inches taller than me if anyone is counting.

I can't even begin to quite convey how much I love this kid. She is infuriating and stubborn, creative and witty, lovely and kind. And in spite of me, she is a really wonderful girl. It is a joy to watch her learn and grow, especially now as she is exploring new friendships and her independence.

God sure knew what He was doing when He gave us this strong, tall, helpful kid. She has been invaluable as I struggle with cancer and all the shtuff that comes along with that. I cringe to think how this disease has affected her childhood, but am exceedingly grateful to have her with me through this journey. I often wonder what amazing adventures God is preparing her for.....

Happy birthday, Punkin!!

Sunday, March 13, 2016


Well, I am plenty distracted by the Last Great Race right now.

Do you follow IDITAROD?

Oh, the drama, the excitement this year! It's incredible! And now  the top mushers are on the Gold Coast.... it's anyone's race at this point. Someone could make a crucial mistake and then someone else will slip in to the lead.... Oh  it's a nail-biter this year!

There is decent coverage at and also at

Go Jeff!!

Friday, March 4, 2016

I've Been A-Thinking

So, over the past few weeks, since we got back from the Philippines, I've been thinking about a lot of stuff. Being in the throes of cancer also tends to get the mind churning overtime.

But lately, my thoughts are centered (or maybe uncentered would be more accurate) on such a wide, diverse number of completely unrelated things. It's hard to arrange the jumble in to some sort of noticeable order, so that I can share it with any semblance of sense.

I've been through a lot. Obviously. I've been through the wringer and dragged my family along with me. In fact, just a few days ago, I asked Amy (not Amelia any longer; she will be nine next month!) if she even remembered back before I had cancer, and she said no, she doesn't. She can't recall a time when I didn't lay in bed all day with pain, asking for someone to come up and bring me food or help me in other myriad ways. Maybe that is why she is such a great helper.... She just thinks it is normal for moms to be in bed all day while the kids do the work (and whatever else they want to as long as it doesn't include chores or school).

Another thing I've been wondering... does anyone even see this blog any more? Who still checks in here? And why? What are they/you looking for? Are you lost? Or are you still checking on me and this cancer? Comment if you will and let me know, wouldja?